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Susurrus is a platform that connects influencers with brands that matter to them for paid collaboration opportunities.

Susurrus collects data from influencers' social media accounts (traffic, engagement rates, followers' demographics etc.) and evaluates their content's quality and consistency. Therefore, every time a brand wishes to run a campaign, we make suggestions on which influencers suit them best. Finally we monitor the results of the campaign and ensure that influencers get compensated.

We strongly believe influencers can change the way the advertising industry works and we are here to ensure that you realize your potential to do so. We enable you to collaborate with brands you like and produce content without losing your authenticity. We want your unique way of creating content to boost brand awareness and help you monetize.

Of course you can, we work closely with talent agencies and help them manage their influencers.

Your rate card should reflect the fee you can request per post mentioning a brand across your social media channels.

In order to match you with relevant brands, you have to connect your social media accounts with us. This means that we will be able to get some overall stats regarding your audience and performance (followers, likes, shares, comments, where they come from, what are their ages etc.)

Your data is not made public, it is stored and processed in a secure way to facilitate successful matchmaking between you and brands. Brands can get some of your overall stats when they want to run a campaign.

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