Influencers have a large amount of loyal followers on social media (usually starting from 8-10k), produce high quality content and most of the time have expertise in a certain field. Some of them are also bloggers and they definitely affect their followers' consumption behaviours.

Yes, but for the moment our main pool of influencers is covering the Middle East and Europe.

The influencers. The brands send their brief (guidelines) but the creative part is upon the influencers. The brands though have to approve the content before it gets published.

Not at all. Many of our clients are agencies of different type and size. We work as a tech tool for them.

We constantly monitor the audience of our influencers and track any suspicious data, plus the influencers that perform better are ranked higher in the platform.

No. You only get charged whenever you want to run a campaign.

No, but we suggest to have at least 3-4 influencers involved in the campaign, which should be enough to make your campaign viral. Note that all quotes includes Susurrus fees.

Just visit register (or login if you have already registered) and we 'll guide you through the process in 3 simple steps.

No, the platform does not support giving freebies to the influencers.

Unfortunately not. Not all people will see the posts and even fewer will engage with them. However, you should pay attention to the influencers engagement rates, when selecting them. The higher the engagement rate an influencer has the stronger the likelihood that much more people will see their posts.

You can communicate it to the influencers through our platform, give them feedback and ask them to come up with an updated draft.

You can monitor the campaign's results in real-time, so if they don't meet the expected ones we will help you reach your goals.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Blogs.

Susurrus has now 1,000+ influencers with more than 163 million people in combined audience.