fashion bloggers

the brief - brand awareness


Men, Women, Fashion, Food, Humour

13-45, Age


Efood is a greek food delivery startup. The brand wanted to communicate the idea that phone delivery is old-school, while app delivery is hot and create broad awareness about its services. They targeted young men and women ( 13-45 ) in Greece, that follow food, fashion and humorous influencers and picked a budget of $2500.

the result


280k Audience


8 influencers

Our platform proposed 8 influencers that matched their criteria. Their total audience in social media was 280k. Each of the influncers posted a post on their social media and blogs. The fashion influencers created content talking about how fancy is to use your mobile for delivery, the food influencers proposed healthy mobile delivery alternatives and the humorous influencers wrote posts about how awkward traditional phone delivery can be. These posts were read by 24.4k people and created a huge buzz on social media!